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Mar 28, 2017Zachry
San Antonio, TX
Zachry was in training but handled all my questions in an informative and professional manner. You've got a winner in him. Thanks again for good service. -Pat
Mar 27, 2017Gilbert
San Antonio, TX
Gilbert is the best! I can always depend on him to not only fix my technical problems, but explain how and why! My blood pressure returns to normal after a visit and I am up and running on my computer. -Kay Lynn
Mar 22, 2017Daniel
Austin, TX
The NERDZ! have been there when I needed them...keep up the good work! -Mati
Mar 21, 2017Ivan
San Antonio, TX
Glad that the NERDZ! are around to bail out my mistakes. Thank you. -Raul
Mar 16, 2017Ivan
San Antonio, TX
Ivan was gracious. He knows his stuff. As long as my printer got fixed I would have been happy, but he went right down the list of problems I was experiencing--and fixed them. I feel very fortunate to have the NERDZ! so close at hand. -Martha
Mar 8, 2017Gilbert
San Antonio, TX
Gilbert was wonderful ! He set up my computer and was able to connect old scanner -printer with my new system which saved me a lot of money! -Phyllis
Mar 8, 2017Gilbert
San Antonio, TX
As always the NERDZ! are professional, courteous, and great on communicating computer terms into everyday language. They are the Cream of the Crop. -Elizabeth T.
Mar 4, 2017Ivan
San Antonio, TX
Ivan was very helpful and did a nice job of explaining what he was doing. Answered my questions clearly and thoroughly. Took care of several issues today! Thanks. -Virginia
Mar 3, 2017Gilbert
San Antonio, TX
You people are life savers in a tech world. -Mary
Mar 3, 2017Ivan
San Antonio, TX
Ivan was personable and interesting. He even accommodated me by speaking English not just compu-speak. A truly enjoyable experience. -Deborah
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