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Aug 29, 2019Ernesto
San Antonio, TX
Thank You for helping an old mom out. My kids would not stop and take the time to help me figure out my computer issues. -Stacy
Aug 27, 2019Jayden
San Antonio, TX
Jayden was absolutely delightful to work with, didn't make me feel like a total idiot, and my dogs thought he was cool! I really appreciate the excellent service! -Sylvia
Aug 25, 2019Ale
San Antonio, TX
Ale was smart, professional and a very good communicator. Should I have occasion to call NERDZ! again, I would be pleased to have her respond. -Robert Coopman
Aug 22, 2019Brenden
San Antonio, TX
Another great NERD experience! -
Aug 20, 2019Ale
San Antonio, TX
Very patient Nerd. I now know how to use my Smart TV and cellphone apps. Great attitude with a smile!! -Janet
Aug 17, 2019Ale
San Antonio, TX
The Nerd, as always; was amazing. Add to it, she's a rabid sports fan. Fixed what was wrong, as always; added a few new things, as always; and, made a good suggestion about a computer upgrade...typical expectation from the NERDZ! -Stephen
Aug 16, 2019Brenden
San Antonio, TX
Brendan was excellent. He worked quickly and well to set up my new computer. Thank you. -
Aug 15, 2019Ale
San Antonio, TX
Best Nerd EVER!! Helped me sooooo much!! -Janet
Aug 14, 2019Brenden
San Antonio, TX
Brendan was Mr. Speedy solving the Outlook issue and I was certainly pleased that he was able to scan my desk top PC to check for any other concerns or problems. In addition, his friendly personality and conversation was delightful! -Patty
Aug 13, 2019Brenden
San Antonio, TX
Brenden was very helpful, friendly and funny. Will definitely request him again for any future problems. Thank you. -A & E Lopez Construction Inc.
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