Lee Robin
Lee Robin
Start Date:10/25/1992
My Hobbies:Cooking, Programming, Spending time with my family & friends.
How I first became interested in computers:
I got one by accident, kind of, and wanted to see what I could make it do. It wasn't much of a computer compared to today's computers, but it was enough to keep me fascinated.

The year was 1982 and I was already 21 years old; a late bloomer by any standard.

Ten years later I would start Computer NERDZ!
The best part of being a Nerd is:
The best part is still seeing the light is someone's eye when they get it! When it finally works they way they want, and they understand how and why.

I love a good challenge, so beating the machine is awesome, but when I can do that for someone else and make their day, that's pretty awesome, too!